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Baby Growlers - ear grabbing childrens songs for kids 2-6

78 songs

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"We've got Growlers in our top 40 list - Baby Growlers is a hit.
Unique but crisp vocals are combined with interesting sound effects and
some of the best childrens song-writing found in kid's music today.
The result is fun music that does not sing down to your kids.
Growl on, babies!" (Kim Robasky, KidMixRadio)

All little Growlers deserve these unique childrens songs.

Not just for dancing. Because while silly and fun, Baby Growlers are also smart.

How else would they know that geese can sing harmony with kittens? Each cd is packed with 15-16 songs, including some crafted from real and familiar sounds - compelling childrens songs that use kitchens, dogs, frogs, trains, etc. as musical instruments.

But Baby Growlers is much more than bells and whistles. The songs introduce ideas and musical styles across a broad range, never simplifying the message - always assuming an intelligent listener.

Each cd has it's own mystery, a dinosaur event, animal and sound palette, and the unusual voices performed by the residents of Growlerville - all in the context of smart childrens songs. Mother Huhu always makes an appearace, as does Growler Fred. (Did you know that Fred means "peace" in Norwegian?)

And the attitude is both subversively kid oriented, and adult friendly.

From Growlerville, where sophisticated audio storytelling was born, comes a new collection of childrens songs for ages 2-6, featuring smart, cool, music empowered by lavish audio production. Baby Growlers is intelligent musical content, disguised as childrens songs. Listening fun, for everyone.










"My granddaughter went absolutely nuts over Baby Growlers! We were on a road trip and every time we were in the car it was the only thing she wanted. I was really impressed!" (Shelly Cohen, Staten Island, NY)

"There I was, baby sitting my niece. She's asleep and I'm bored. To burn time, I decide to find an online casino and started searching for 'online casino usa' until she was awake. I ended up on a slots site and just then, Natty woke up and saw the animation accompanying one of the games. It reminded her of Growler Fred - a character from her Baby Growlers cd. So I closed the casino site and put on the cd. Wow! I still don't get how she imagined Growler Fred looked like the character in the casino game, but the imagination thing is definitely real." (Bill Mazer, Utica, NY)
Kids relate to Baby Growlers because they are childrens songs that are genuinely interesting listening experiences, as well as celebrations of childhood.
Baby Growlers is an innovative new series of
childrens songs for kids 2-6.
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